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When Niall woke up to find everyone sick, he didn’t know what to do.

Usually Liam would be the one running around and making sure that they were all healthy, yet here Niall was, immune to whatever bug they had caught.

This was going to be a long day.



"Zayn, you’re still burning up," Niall could only murmur as he pressed cool palms to the feverish boy’s forehead.

Zayn let out a small moan as he turned, nuzzling Niall’s hand with a small shudder.

"Let me get you some water, okay," he whispered, kissing the Bradford boy’s forehead.

"L-love you Ni," Zayn managed weakly as he left.

Niall could only smile sadly.

Zayn, when Niall had found him this morning, had been on the floor passed out. His body was too hot to be normal temperature, and when Niall tried to move him, the boy had groaned in protest, muttering about his head hurting underneath his breath.

Niall had felt bad, but he ended up struggling to half drag and half carry the boy back to his bed. After he got the boy safely under the covers, he whipped out his phone and went about googling all of Zayn’s ailments and how to treat them.



On the way to ask Liam what he should do after finding Zayn that morning, Niall stumbled upon Louis throwing up in the next room over.

After he had sat with the boy rubbing his back, he had cleaned Louis up before tucking him into bed. Louis had the flu, and he had looked horrible, but he still managed a smile for Niall.

Now though, walking past his room, Niall could only breathe a sigh of relief when he found Louis sleeping. His iPod was set in its docks, playing acoustic music in a low volume that Niall had chosen in a playlist just for him.

When he walked in to turn it off, Louis opened sleepy blue eyes.

Blinking blearily, he smiled weakly back at Niall who moved toward him, sitting slowly down on the bed so he didn’t jostle the mattress.

"Feeling better?"

"Now that you’re here with me," Louis whispered with a weak grin.

Niall laughed softly, “Been taking lessons from Harry, have you?”

The Doncaster boy chuckled, “No babe,” he said in the same low tone, “this is 100% Tomlinson charm.”

Letting out a snort, Niall brushed back Louis’ sweaty bangs. Leaning down, he kissed the boy on his forehead before pulling back. “Save the charm for when you’re feeling better, okay?”

"Do I get a kiss?" He asked, lips forming a pout.

Niall chuckled, shaking his head. “When you’re feeling better, you can have all the kisses you want.”



As Niall made his way out of Louis’ room, he crossed the hall and headed for Harry’s.

That morning, after slightly panicking with finding the other two boys sick, he had headed straight toward Harry to make sure that he was okay. When Niall had opened the door, he had believed that Harry was just sleeping. When he started groaning and coughing though, Niall suddenly knew that everything wasn’t okay with his cheeky boyfriend.

Now, as he got closer and closer, Niall could only sigh when he heard Harry’s coughs echo through the room. When he entered, he saw the boy messing with his phone, one fist clenched for whenever he started his coughing fits again.

"How are you feeling?"

"The same since the last time you were here."

"So, not any better?"

Walking around the bed, he sat on the corner. His hands moved to brush at the chocolate curls atop Harry’s head, smiling fondly at the familiar softness.

"I would ask you to give me more of those pills, but I don’t want to accidentally drug myself."

Harry, when Niall had found him that morning, had listed off his sickness as headaches, coughing, and a general sore throat. Out of all the other boys, Harry was the most healthy, but Niall didn’t want him walking around.

He was prone to fainting spells, and when the Cheshire boy swayed earlier that day, Niall had been so scared that he would’ve fallen if he wasn’t there to steady him.

Now though, aside from the raspy, barely there voice, Harry looked fit as a fiddle. Giving him more pills…

"Yeah, not a good idea."

Harry simply smiled, moving closer to the blond when he leaned down to press a kiss onto the other’s forehead.

"Come back soon?"

Niall smiled, “The other boys are sick too you know.”

"I don’t care," he grumbled, "I need you more than they need you."

Niall just shook his head, a chuckle escaping him. “I think that’s quite the opposite, but I’ll be back to give you lunch soon, okay.”

Harry shook his head, a small sigh escaping him. “I feel like an invalid,” he mumbled more to himself as he watched Niall start picking up the wrappers of cough drops thrown carelessly on the floor.

Niall simply hummed in response, “You act more like a petulant child.”

Harry rolled his eyes, “Do you even know what petulant means?”

He got a pillow thrown at his head and a loud ‘Humph!’ before his cough drops were taken away.

As Niall was leaving, he couldn’t help the small chuckle that left him when he heard Harry’s raspy “Noooo”s fill the room.



Liam never got sick.

He was like Superman in that sense. Always the one who took care of the others, never the one who needed caring after. When Niall tried to check on him that morning though, he hadn’t even gotten farther than the damn bedroom door.


To put it simply: Liam was sick.

If you wanted to know why he locked the bedroom door and refused to open it for anyone, the answer would be: “I don’t want you getting sick!”

"Come on, Li," Niall tried again after visiting Zayn. "I was fucking tucking Zayn and Louis in, and they’re infected! It can’t get any worse than them!"

A sigh was all Niall heard. “No is no, Niall! I don’t want you catching my sniffles, and whatever else I caught.”

Niall bit down hard on his bottom lip.

Liam, though kind and accepting, was the most stubbornest person in the world. It was a surprising quirk that Niall had learned a while ago, but it was what made Liam– well, Liam.

This was bad though, and having his stubborn streak come out now was definitely not cute.

Niall was seriously worried.

"At least let me check on you!"



"No means no, Niall! Jesus, what are you, a rapist!"

"Let me feel your forehead, that’s all I’m asking for!"

He heard another sigh, muffled through the door. “I’m serious about this Ni,” Liam started, voice raspy and off. “I’m fine,” he said with a sniffle following afterward, “really. Focus on helping the others get better.”

Niall could only sigh in defeat. “Okay love,” he murmured, “there’s some of every medicine and water in the bag okay! I also made you a sandwich, so try and eat it if you can.”

On the other side of the door, Liam smiled. “Okay,” Niall heard, “thanks, mate.”

"Hey, what are secret boyfriend’s for?" Niall joked, feeling a small pang of guilt tug at his heart. Before Liam could say anything in response though, Niall shook his head and smiled. "I’m going. I have to go get Zayn some water and try to make a compress for his fever."

He heard Liam sigh again before a thin “Okay,” floated through.

Niall nodded and walked away, opening and closing the door to the hallway.

Five minutes later, when Liam opened the door to pick up the bag filled with the medicine and whatever else he needed, he jumped back in shock when Niall moved quickly past him and into the bedroom.


"Oh my God, look at all this trash!"

Liam pouted at the blond, “Get out Niall!” He tried whining, eyes pleading.

What usually would’ve worked to get Niall moving only made the blond feel bad though because, never in his life had he seen Liam look more horrible than right then and there.

The brunet, who was usually all smiles and tanned skin, was all pale and sickly. His nose was red as he sniffled, and there were bags underneath his tired looking eyes.

"Oh Liam," Niall sighed, walking closer.

Liam sighed, moving to lie back down on his messed up bed. “You might as well help then,” he grumbled slightly.

Niall smiled at that as he nodded, moving around the room to pick up all the tissues that were thrown onto the ground. “You’re as bad as Harry and his cough drop wrappers,” Niall mused after a silent moment, “which reminds me! I stole his cough drops and they’re in the bag. Help yourself.”

The Wolverhampton boy chuckled at that and Niall felt something warm swell in his chest when he looked over to find Liam looking brighter than he did moments ago.

After throwing all the trash into the bin in the corner, he went to the bathroom to wash his hands. Coming back, Niall took the corners of Liam’s comforter, righting the messed up cover to properly tuck the older boy in.

Making sure that he was comfortable, Niall leaned down to press a kiss to Liam’s forehead.

The boy sniffled in response, chewing slowly at the sandwich that only had a couple of more bites left to it.

"How do you feel?" He asked.

Liam, who was still chewing, swallowed before answering. “I felt like I was dying.”

"Really?" Niall chewed on his bottom lip, blue eyes filling with worry again.

Liam simply smiled, “That was when I woke up,” he said, “but I’m better now. I have a nurse taking care of me, after all.”

Niall pouted at that. “You should’ve let me in earlier, you wanker.”

Liam simply shook his head, a chuckle escaping him. “I didn’t want you to get sick, Ni,” he murmured, “but I guess it’s too late now.”

Niall thought back to Zayn and Louis, Harry– who coughed on him at least twice, and now Liam, who’s sick viruses was probably invading his body with every breath that he took. Niall thought back and smiled as he opened one of the water bottles in the bag, handing it to Liam.

"I’d rather sacrifice my health and have you guys be better, than sit around and watch you all suffer without my help."

The Wolverhampton boy, who was chugging the water like no tomorrow, brought the water bottle away from his lips. He studied Niall then, from his bright smile, to his even brighter eyes.

He shook his head, amusement flooding him in waves as he screwed the cap back onto the lid. “And you wonder why we call you our angel,” he murmured softly to himself.

Niall, who was reading the packaging for a pack of pills he bought for a cold, looked up, eyebrow rising in question. “What’d you say?” He asked.

Liam just closed his eyes and smiled, “Nothing,” he said softly back, “now where’s my pills? I want a nap.”

"Bossy," Niall retorted as he ripped the packaging open.

Liam chuckled, “You love it.”



The next morning, when Niall woke up, the sun was already bright and blazing in the sky.

A cool hand was on his forehead, and when he followed the hand up, he found Zayn at the end of it.

"Sorry Nialler," the Bradford boy murmured, brushing back the tousled blond hair.

Niall simply smiled up at him, sleepy eyes fluttering. “S’okay,” he murmured back hoarsely, voice a mere whisper.

"This wouldn’t have happened if you left us to die, you know," Louis’ voice said from somewhere in the corner.

Niall chuckled, falling into a coughing fit ten seconds after. “What kind of boyfriend would I be then?” He asked rhetorically.

The bed moved slightly then and when Niall turned his head, he found himself blinking up at Harry who was rolling his eyes, mouth set in a cheeky grin. “You’d still be a wonderful one, Niall.”

"Says the one who only had coughing fits," Niall murmured, closing his eyes when Zayn’s and Louis’ laughter filled the room.

Liam’s warm chuckle filled the air then, and Niall sniffled when he felt a warm kiss being pressed to his forehead. When he opened his eyes, he found himself staring up into warm chocolate hues.

"Rest now, okay babe." Liam said softly, "You took care of us, and now it’s our turn to take care of you."

Niall could only smile. “I’ll be looking forward to it then.”

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